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Salon des Refuses - Credenza! story

Posted by Richard Rivero on May 25, 2012 at 12:50 AM

So how do you get from this:

to this?

The raw reclaimed wood requires some TLC to look as good as it does in the finished piece. We chose to rip the joists into quarter sawn 5/4" boards for the casing and the top. That produced a tight grain look. 

The ripped boards were glued into board on board panels using bisquit joinery. Then the carcass structure was constructed using hand-cut through dovetail technique. 

The doors are mortisse and tenon structure with four floating panels to allow for seasonal wood movement.

The 1/2" square stock steel base was chosen to create a floating or "lighter than air" effect. The steel was grinded and has a clear topcoat. It will tarnish with age.

The Credenza! is currently on display at the Yippie Cafe on Bleeker St off the Bowery.

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