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Husband and wife design duo, we specialize in solid wood construction for custom furniture, kitchen cabinets, enclosures and built-ins. We work with variety of woods and always try to find aesthetically pleasing and economical solution to each project, through creative material combination and joinery. Designed with your needs and wants in mind, we strive to give you the best, most beautiful piece of utilitarian art that lasts.Woodwork is where our heart is and it is best summarized in this quote: 

 "Look in the dictionary under the word "solid" and you will find such synonyms as firm, sturdy, strong, durable, whole (not hollow) and pure.

This gives us a sense of what is meant by "solid wood" and also helps us to understand why solid-wood furniture has increased in popularity in the recent years.

 The market for solid-wood products is in part made up of people who have maintained, or rediscovered, an appreciation for nature, and for natural materials as opposed to man-made materials. And wood is, of course, a natural material; it is "pure" and "whole". Because of its durability, it has great intrinsic value when fashioned into furniture. Solid-wood furniture becomes more and more beautiful with age. If it damaged, it can be repaired or restored, which invalidates the charge that solid wood is wasteful of material.

 The fact that solid-wood furniture does not needlessly add to our garbage dumps stands in stark contrast to the wastefulness of short-lived, mass-produced furniture. In addition, with the use of solid wood, there is little or no danger of exposure to the possible harmful materials in synthetic furnishings.

 It takes a long time for a change in attitude to occur. Solid wood has warmth, a liveliness and an individual quality, springing from its prominent texture and natural graining, that can help to bring about such a change."

Franz Karg, in foreword to Solid-Wood Cabinet Construction


We are located in New York City.

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